Interview Mahmud Asrar

Im Bonner Comicladen trafen wir auf den Zeichner von Serien wie Supergirl und Wolverine and the X-Men. Im Zuge seiner Combo Tours-Signiertour bereiste er Deutschland. Wir durften ihm ein paar Fragen stellen.

Mahmud AsrarMicomics: Mahmud, Whad is your favorite character to draw?

Mahmud: It changes almost everyday. I mean, I always been a Wolverine Fan but I don´t have a specific character in mind all the time. So right now I´d say he is my favorite. It´s a lot of fun to draw him in a book.

Micomics: What was the strangest thing you were ask to draw ever professionally or at a signing or so?

Mahmud: Well, in comics you always get to draw strange things so I probably could count countless things but at a convention this guy wanted me to draw his parrot. And he brought along some reference pictures and stuff like that. So that was the one who was the weirdest. There was one really creepy guy. He was asking specific things of the costumes of the ladies he wanted me to draw. So it was almost on the verge of being too disturbing but is was there.

Micomics: Which artists did inspire you the most?

Mahmud: So many that it is almost impossible to count. The art process is like a constant state of inspiration. Muses and stuff. But to generalise my inspiration usally: Jon Burns, Steve Buscema, Jim Lee those were my oldest inspirations. Later the came Adam Hughes, Stuart Imonnen, Coipel, I mean million of other guys. I love Chris Prouses work or Arthur Adams, Mike Mignola and stuff like that. So I can get inspired by a lot of things. Could be something in real life, maybe, just like fine art or sometimes even music. Could be everything.

Micomics: Talking about music, whats your favorite music genre?

Mahmud: (laughs) I´m a rocker/metalhead, you know. So I listen to a lot of heavy music. Mostly Hardcore, I´d say, Bands like Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan and other stuff. But I listen to all kinds of stuff. I mean classical, movie soundtracks and, I don´t know, if I like even a pop song I listen to it. (laughs)

Micomics: With which label do you prefer to work? More major or independent?

Mahmud: Well, I´d say I worked with lots of the major companys recent years and they all have their sides, you know, I liked them all for certain reasons. But I feel at home with Marvel because as a kid I read tons of Marvel books like Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and everything. So I know the characters more so I feel more confident drawing them. But there is of course the term of drawing your own thing so doing an independent book is incomparable to other stuff at all times.

Micomics: If you were asked to describe your art style. What would you answer?

Mahmud: That´s a difficult one because I´m the worst judge of my own work or my abilities. Probably I´d say modern and naturalistic, I suppose. I suppose my influences from certain artists show it´s not a consious thing, so I think that there is a lot of Stuart Immonen in there. I don´t know if people feel it but I always sense Jim Lee in it a lot, too, and quite a bit of Adam Hughes and maybe John Burns.

Micomics: What are your current and future projects?

Mahmud: Current projects: I´m doing Wolverine and the X-Men. For the future I will continuing on that book.

Micomics: So you are longer on this book?

Mahmud: Yeah, I mean I have no other plans for now and I hope to be as long and as often on it as possible.

Nils Dönges

Author: Nils Dönges

Er ist der Schrecken der die Cons durchflattert. Mit allen Comic-Wassern gewaschen durchstreift er die Comiclandschaft, findet so immer wieder neue Kleinode und natürliche grandiose Zeichner die sein Sketchbook veredeln...

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